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… One Membership!

As previously announced, the Chapter and Alumni Association membership structure has changed. We hope everyone has taken the opportunity to review all the benefits of the new structure at alumni.psu.edu/fullaccess

Please confirm, renew, or start your Alumni Association membership to receive these benefits and support the Central Ohio Chapter. 

The new model, One Membership, combines Association and Chapter memberships. You only pay dues once and you  receive the benefits of both the Central Ohio Chapter and the Penn State Alumni Association! The Alumni Association has provided a FAQ at alumni.psu.edu/fullaccess that goes into greater detail about One Membership.

We know the question on everyone’s mind is, “How do I take advantage of this?” The answer depends on your current membership.

  1. You’re a member of the Central Ohio Chapter and the Penn State Alumni Association.

Great! Thank you for supporting us and the Association! Just renew your membership with the Alumni Association as usual. Lifetime members are all set. We encourage you to redirect your Chapter dues to our scholarship fund, general fund, or one of our other donation opportunities.

 2. You’re a member of the Penn State Alumni Association only.

Thank you for supporting us through the Association! Just renew your membership with the Alumni Association as usual. Lifetime members, you’re good. We know this year you were going to join the Chapter. Instead, you can redirect your Chapter dues  as suggested above.

 3. You’re a member of the Central Ohio Chapter only.

Thank you for supporting us! The Alumni Association has converted your Chapter membership into a complimentary 6 month Association membership that began July 1st. During this time, you will receive all the benefits of a full membership. We encourage you to use your Chapter dues to renew the complimentary membership before January 2023.

 4. None of the above?

Please consider a membership in the Penn State Alumni Association! Membership in the Alumni Association provides many benefits including The Penn Stater Magazine, LionPerks discounts, Lifetime Learning opportunities and many others! You can explore all the benefits on their website.
One last note…

Everyone on the Chapter email list will continue receiving emails for the foreseeable future. The Chapter will benefit from new opportunities provided through One Membership. It is likely that email lists will eventually be driven by Alumni Association membership. By preparing now with an Alumni Association membership, you will continue to receive Chapter news.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply email us at psucolumbus@gmail.com with your questions.

New Membership Model, One Membership

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